Bear's Elemental Mayhem

The Spire (Act 3)

Rather than wait to see if things could be solved by talking, Pax opens fire on the newcomer with a fel-fire charge shot; however, something weird happens. When the softball sized ball of red and black energy reaches Edgar Parris, all of the elemental power dissipates, leaving just the two uncharged bullets to pelt into him.
Pax – “What?! Well… crap.”

Vestus hurled one of his summoned throwing knives at Edgar just to watch it vanish upon contact as well. Edgar, assessing that neither Pax or Vestus will be much of an issue, levels his pistols at Rache and lets out a barrage of bullets. In a flash, Rache is shot nearly a dozen times and staggers backwards. Looking down, Rache expects to see the landscape of his torso covered in tiny blood fountains, but instead, a mound of rubber bullets lie at his feet.
Rache – “I’ll teach you to toy with me….”
Rache summons Hezrou, Balor, and Shoga
Three men clad in black leather and white masks slashed with color materialize between Rache and his attacker. Two of the men hold automatic rifles while the third wields a sniper rifle.

Pax, realizing that a change in tactics is needed, opens up portals both directly above and below the heaviest crate he can find. The crate falls, over and over and over again, quickly reaching terminal velocity.
Pax – “Lets see how you like science!”

Vestus boosts Rache’s armor with the hope that it will be enough to stave off another assault. Edgar grins, and charges straight at Balor.
Edgar – “I’d wondered what had happened to those three.”
Edgar slams his elbow into Balor’s gut
To Rache’s horror, the familiar vanishes in a small puff of smoke.
Rache – “Shoot him!!”
Shoga attempted to waste the Parris man with a point blank sniper round, but Edgar deftly deflected the barrel, making Shoga shoot Hezrou instead. Hezrou, ignoring the gaping hole in his chest, peppered Edgar with a few rounds of his assault rifle and then knocked him back a few paces with the rifle’s underside shotgun. Feeling less than safe, Rache decides it’s time to do the only logical thing… make all the rivets holding the ceiling up disappear.

A 50’ section of steel beams and metal sheeting comes crashing down upon Edgar, Vestus, Shoga, Hezrou and Rache. Dust hangs thick in the now sunlight interior of the warehouse. Confused, but now willing to let his grand experiment go to waste, Pax spies the flattest surface amidst the rubble and opens a fresh portal. The crate soars out of the opening, punching straight-up into the sky. Satisfied, Pax closes the portal and eagerly awaits for his makeshift cannonball to come back to earth. His wait is short, and soon the massive crate plummets into the ruined wreckage of the ceiling. A gout of black blood squirts out from between some of the sheeting, and Pax feels that he may have hit something other than his intended target.

Everyone hapless enough to be pinned beneath roof bits spends their time trying to dig themselves out, except for Rache and Vestus (who were KOed by the roof) and Hezrou (who was just crushed by a giant crate moving at terminal velocity). About that time, a loud POP erupts from the empty air next to Mathias’ corpse, and a 10’ armored warrior appears our of nowhere.

Armor – “Pax?”
Pax – “Yes? Wait, how are you on this channel? And how do you know me?”
The man in the suit ignores the questions.
Armor – “What happened here?”
Pax – “Heck if I know. We were fighting some guy when the roof collapsed.”

It takes some doing, but finally, everyone who was buried under the roof is topside again (though Vestus remains unconscious) and Armor has properly deduced that anyone packing rubber bullets isn’t there to kill you.

Edgar – “Well fought. You all handled those miscreants I had found so hastily I was afraid I hadn’t properly challenged you. Now I see that you are just on a different level than that trash. Bravo.”
Edgar holsters his weapons.
Edgar – “I’m glad to know that The Spire isn’t just wasting my time today. Oh yes, The Spire does still exist. It’s not just a name thrown around to lure people into abandoned warehouses. Sorry for the ruse, but we had to know that you were going to be capable of meeting our needs. The Spire owes much and more to house Mavernia, but don’t expect use to place our necks on the chopping block for just you. There’s too much at stake.”
Rache – “You might just be the first member of the Parris family that I don’t actually kill.”
Edgar – “Oh, don’t worry about the blood feud, Rache. The only thing I have against you is that you murdered my twin brother before I could. Nothing like being treated as a dirty little secret your entire life and then getting disowned for being honest to really sever those family ties. You’re not the only one who wants to see a couple Parris’ heads roll.”
Armor – “Pax, what’s the date?”
Pax – “Huh?”
Armor – “The date. What’s today’s date?”
Edgar motions Rache over
Edgar – “Rache, a quick word in private if you will.”
walks into the office section of the warehouse
Edgar – “Now, Rache, The Spire has only elected for you to join the ranks today, not your companions. So, if you want in, you’re going to have to help me out here. I can wipe their memories, just the last few minutes or so should do. It’s a trick I find most useful. There’s no chance of complications if they submit willingly, so I’m counting on you to make this a quick procedure.”
Rache – “Are they allowed to help me do Spire related work?”
Edgar – "Of course, as long as they don’t get wise as to who they’re doing the work for. "
Rache – “And nothing will go wrong if I can convince them to do this?”
Edgar – “Nothing at all. The problems only arise when I’m trying to overpower someone. Meant to make a man forget a week one time and wiped out a year and a half instead.”
Rache – “Gotcha. Ok, I can be persuasive.”
Edgar – “Oh, and one last thing. Who’s the guy in the armor?”
Rache – “No idea, I thought he was with you….”

Rache and Edgar cautiously reenter the warehouse right as Armor is removing his helmet. Pax and Rache are momentarily stunned to see that its Ervill wearing the daunting suit.
Pax – “Dude! I thought you were dead! Where did you go?”
Ervill – “Uh… it’s kind of a long story.”
Rache – “We’ll catch up later, for now, I need you all to let Edgar wipe the last couple of minutes or so from your memories.”
Pax & Ervill – “What?!”
Rache explains the situation and even elects to pay Pax and Ervill double for their effort. They of course make him transfer the funds before Edgar wipes their memories, but otherwise, they go along with it. Vestus is still KOed so he needs to convincing/bribing.

Edgar removes the memory of their encounter with him, making it so that only Rache will remember what happened after the trio of felons was dispatched. As he pulls the memory of the altercation from them, the afflicted party members slip into a temporary slumber. A couple of hefty illusion spells later, and the ceiling looks good as new.

Edgar – “Excellent, work Rache. I feel that The Spire has gained an important ally today. Should you ever need me, I can be reached here.”
hands Rache his card
Edgar – “I’ll be your contact with The Spire until we have a chance to bring you in formally. Shouldn’t be too long from now, a week or two at the most.”
motions to the rest of the party
Edgar – “They’ll be up in a few minutes, so I’ll just show myself out. Take care Rache. I’ll be in touch.”

About five minutes later, the group wakes up, mildly confused about why they had fallen asleep, but otherwise none the worse. Vestus calls in for a clean up crew and divides out the bounty.


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