Bear's Elemental Mayhem

The Spire (Act 1)

Rache has no friends.

Rache received the following letter:
Mr. Mavernia, we have not forgotten our allegience to your family’s house. We were scattered when the Parris family massacred your kin in the great fire so many years ago. We were lost, but not idle. Rache, as the last of your house, we implore you to meet with us, that we may once again be able to serve. Our forefathers owe everything to your house, and we desire to make good on our old debts. We humbly request an audience with you and your mage hunting companions. The Parris family is powerful, but you and your entourage combined with our armaments and information will be more than a match for them. Forever in your service, The Spire.

Now, as much as Rache would like to believe that he has friends somewhere in the world, the odds are better that this is a trap. After discussing the matter with Pax and Ervill, Rache determines to meet this trap head-on and offers to pay his companions for their time and company. The trio then head over to the Mage Guild to pick up their new acquaintance, Vestus Drawl, and go scope out the meeting location designated in the letter.

The local is an abandoned warehouse in Vyseria, and more or less confirms the notion that this will be a trap. After scoping out the area, Rache convinces a couple of hobos to hang around the place and report back should they see anyone enter the building. The party gets some rest, attends to personal matters, and waits for the appointed time to arrive.

About an hour before the scheduled meeting time, the hobos report that a rather strange trio has entered the building, but are not able to really give more intel than that. Feeling like they have done everything they could to prepare, the party portals their way into a secluded corner of the warehouse and sends in some illusion clones of themselves to meet “The Spire”. As they had guessed, this was indeed a trap, and talk runs quickly into violence.


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