Bear's Elemental Mayhem

The Spire (Act 2)

Totally a trap.

The odd trio which was passing themselves off as members of “The Spire” were actually rogue mages from the Mage Guild’s top 100 most wanted criminals list. The trio are:
No. 27 – Gwendolyn “Vera” Verasala – A lanky, goth chick wearing the obligatory amount of buckles and studs on her black leather outfit. She is also wearing an enormous feathered coat which threatens to envelope her. (No additional intel)

No. 34 – Mathias Filch – A portly man dressed in a checkered vest the colors of fall, a whit, button-down shirt and brown pants. If not for the blood smeared around his mouth, you’d think he was a banker. (Mage Guild intel provided by Vestus claims that Mathias is a cannibal)

No. 38 – Daven Porter – A stately looking old man with a cane and top hat. His suite is as pristine as it is starched. Every butler you have ever seen is shamed by this man. (Mage Guild intel provided by Vestus claims that Daven has the ability to make his victims younger, till they are around 6 years old, then rape them to death)

Suffice to say, when the fighting broke out, Rache and Pax went after Mathias, Vestus and Ervill attacked Vera, and nobody wanted to tangle with Daven. First, Rache made the mistake of using the Ftaghn on Mathias, driving him into a frenzy. Mathias’ screams of “Hungry! HUNGRY!!!” echoed through the warehouse as his jaws dislocated and a red foam filled his mouth as his cheeks split open. Short, sharp teeth pierced through his gums and the roof of his mouth. His eyes went pure white and the veins of his neck bulged. Once enrage, the cannibal charged into Pax, and the pair went tumbling through Pax’s portal. Since Pax obviously had things under control, Rache decided it was time to back up Ervill and Vestus.

While this was happening, Vera tossed her feathered coat into the air, where it flew apart and became a murderous murder of ravens. The murder tore apart the illusions Rache had first sent in to “negotiate” with the trio. Ervill engaged Vera, and while many punches and kicks were flung by both combatants, none landed. Eventually, Vera’s guard was dropped just long enough for Ervill to sweep her legs out from under her. Once down, both Vestus and Rache appear from thin air to rain down slicey justice upon the prone woman.

With no one willing to play with him, Daven took this time to tear a rift in space, summoning a multitude of tentacles. From within the midst of these grasping appendages, a monstrously large head began to rise up into the air. The head was like that of an old man, though well over 5 ft tall, immensely fat, and equipped with three tongues, which whipped and slathered over each other.

Around this time, Mathias was flung back into the warehouse with hurricane force. The beastly man rocketed across the structure, exploding through the various crates and casks stored within, and finally halting his travels by face planting into the pile of steel shipping containers upon which Vestus, Rache and Ervill were pummeling Vera. The combo of being near death and in such pain cracked whatever shell of humanity was left within Mathias, as was evidenced by his torso splitting in half vertically and transforming into a gaping maw (like this, including the eye in the middle). With an attack too fast to see, the corner of the shipping container and a portion of the warehouse wall simply vanished.

With her assailants momentarily distracted, Vera had her murder of ravens descend upon her location. As the birds tore at everything in their reach, Vera sprouted wings of her own and took to the air amidst the confusion. Mathias, not a fan of being pecked and clawed, proceeded to suck all of the birds right out of the air, each vanishing the moment it touched the eye in the center of his jaws.

Rache, sensing that things were not panning out well, beat a hasty retreat and grouped up with his hobo minions outside. Vestus squared off against the now harpy like Vera, and Ervill took on Mathias. Daven, still being ignored, advanced slowly across the warehouse towards the fray, tentacles sprouting from his wake and the giant head booming Jabba-The-Hut style laughter. At this point, a much chewed up Pax reentered the warehouse, and lobbed a void grenade right beneath the floating head. The forces of the miniature black hole were too severe for the globulous head to withstand, and it soon caved in upon itself. As the head imploded, the tentacles withered and died, and so too did Daven cease live.

Ervill launched himself at Mathias, and suddenly vanished without a trace. Vestus, now stuck between Mathias and Vera without backup, pulled out every trick he new to stay alive. Pax proceeded to amuse himself with shooting up the imploded head, and several people began to beat and kick on the bay doors leading in to the warehouse, trying to get in. Vestus managed to finish off Mathias and debuff Vera to the point of helplessness. As Vera yielded, Rache and his hobos burst back into the warehouse through the bay door. The illusionist and his pets proceeded to wail on the still body of Daven, while Vestus took advantage of Vera’s surrender to cut her throat for her. With all of their adversaries defeated, the group took a moment to relax and wonder “What happened to Ervill?”

At this point, a man steps out from a secluded corner of the warehouse, slowly clapping his hands as if in applause. “So, it’s true what they say. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” A man who Rache immediately recognizes as Edgar Parris emerges from the gloom. “I was hoping if the trap was obvious enough, you’d bring along all of your entourage.” The man looks over at Vestus. “But I don’t recognize you. Who are you and why are you here?” Vestus gives no answer.

The party greets the intruder with silence, and readies their weapons.


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