Paxton Romanis



Face: Aside from the tattoos, disarmingly average. His eyes alone give away that this man has seen the stuff of nightmares.
Build: Fairly average in both height and stature. Has the famous “gun slinger swagger” from old cowboy films.
Appearance: Heavily tattooed and wielding a pair of crazy looking pistols. Has a dare-devil attitude when it comes to conflict, never shies away from danger. Bit of a follower though.
Weapon(s): W.R.E.C. guns (see note 1)
Fight Style: Pax has the special gift of being able to imbue his weapons with elemental energies and inflict great harm upon his foes. His manipulation of the natural elements also gives him a fair number of varied utilitarian abilities.
Special: As humanity’s lone weapon against the Elementals, Mr. Romanis is the savior of mankind. You shall take whatever steps necessary to insure his survival.

Note 1: Pax uses special weapons called Chrystalized Essence Releasing Weapons or W.R.E.C. for short. Their inventor was a genius, but he was also badly dislexic and the accronym was flipped around backwards in his honor. These bad boys compress the obsorbed elementals essence into a crystal which is then fired just like a normal bullet.


Paxton Romanis

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