Bear's Elemental Mayhem

Terrorists in the Teleporter
Totally should have disarmed that bomb....

Cid Lufaine:
“Gentlemen, glad you could make it. The task which you were all summoned for, while not particularly perilous, is a matter of much worth to ChryoTech Industry and the Northern and Southern Cameria governments. I was asked to put together a team for the purpose of going into Ground Zero, Balmorhea. Any rumors you may have heard about it being plagued by berserk security bots and mutated monstrosities are absolutely true, and much worse in reality. Now, the reason we invited you men here is to enter into the heart of what was once Balmorhea and attempt to retreive as much data about the experiments they were conducting there as is possible. Our very own Dr. Henry Jekyll will be leading this campaign into the unknown and you are to report directly to him once in the field. We’ll also be sending about a dozen scientists of various backgrounds who will be in charge all information extraction. You gentlemen are to be the muscle to their brains. A shield, if you will. You keep my boys safe and sound and you’ll receive a heroes welcome when you come back. Any questions?”

The party stares wide-eyed at the man who just offhandedly announced that he would be sending them into the post-apocalyptic lion’s den.

Cid Lufaine:
“Didn’t think so. Great! I’d like for everyone to introduce themselves. You’re a team now and the more you act like one, the more likely you are to return with all of your extremities.”

One by one, the strangers make their introductions. Henry Jeckyll leads things off, as the appointed party head should. Paxton Romanis gives his name and proudly announces that he shoots things until they stop moving. Next a man who only goes by Rache gives his credentials, which Pax finds laughable. Unamused, the enigmatic illusionist proceeds to make Pax believe that Cid’s desk has just morphed into a giant snake.

Cid Lufaine:
“Pax, is there some reason you feel compelled to threaten my desk that costs more than you do?”

Rache releases the illusion and Pax is now staring at a normal desk and an irritated Cid.

Paxton Romanis:
“I… uh… the snake? Nevermind.”

The gunslinger holsters his weapons and the remaining introductions are settled. Aves Gearhand lets the party know that he’ll be handling all of the technical side of things for this mission. And lastly, Ervill Wexling gives the bare minimum of an introduction to conclude matters.

Cid Lufaine:
“The Southern Military has sent several expeditions into Balmorhea All were failures and only one operative has ever come back from that place. He’d bitten off his tongue and was extremely malnourished when the Ground Zero border patrol found him. The survivor, if you can call him that, recovered physically, but his mind was never able to recoup after what he saw there. When he isn’t sedated, he draws these. Not sure what it is, but I imagine that anything that can destroy numerous military scouting parties and obliterate a man’s mind can’t be pleasant.”

Cid passes around crayon pictures of the most macabre nature. Each one picturing some being composed completely of black tearing little stick figures apart.

“Well, gentlemen, that concludes our meeting for today. You’ll meet up with a Southie military man named Davis once you come out of the Tele in Zeru. He’s our in with the Southern Cameria government and the one spearheading this venture, so do as he says and you’ll be able to explore a post-apocalyptic hell hole. Good Luck.”

Cid hands Jekyll a photo of Davis and dismisses the group.

Party Assemble!
Atleast it pays the bills.

Your eComm lets out a low pitched hum that only you can hear, and you sub-vocalize to pull up the holographic display. The image of a formal letter, encrypted for your eyes only, floats in the air before you with the following message:

Dear Sir,

Your presence has been requested for a job on the 8th of Terva. It has come to our attention that you possess certain skills which we feel would be beneficial to a scouting sortie we are organizing. This mission should take no more than three days, two of which will be travel. Of course, all expenses will be paid for the entire duration of your contract. Please let us know if you are interested in taking on our proposal. Upon your consent, we will furnish you with the time and location of the debriefing.

We thank you for your time and consideration.


Cid Lufaine
Chief of Engineering and Aviation
ChryoTech Industry
Dept. of Research & Development
eComm: 01-9500-8028-2148

You accept the mission and a secondary note pulls up giving you the time and place of your meeting.


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