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Donut Cops of Destiny

Cid calls Pax, Rache and Ervill into his office.

Alright men, here’s the deal. Our security teams have been getting their teeth kicked in for a while now and I’m sick of it. We’ve done everything we are legally allowed to with minimal success. So, until the board lets me tinker with our staff on the genetic level, we’re at a bit of a standstill. This is where you come in. I need help convincing the board that more science is the only recourse we have left. Not the happy, blue-ribbon science fair type stuff, oh no. We’re talking the sketchy, time to hide the kids kind. I want to have to harness lightning to get them back off the operating table.

The board has allowed for me to run a war game between you gents and the security personnel. No need to thank me, I’m sure you’ve all been itching for a chance to shoot these guys with bullets that make your limbs go numb. Now, normally, the compound found in these capsules doesn’t cause you to go limp, but we’ve been peppering the food with just the right amount of amino ester. Now, when one of these Novocain rounds hits you, say, in the shoulder…

Shoots Pax in the shoulder.

The whole arm goes totally limp! Go on, try and move your hand.

Pax tries to move his right hand but it jerks and slaps around listlessly.

See, it simulates taking a slug in the shoulder without all the hassle of bleeding all over the place and needing surgery afterwards. So, each of you will be given enough of the Novocain rounds to tranq the whole security team twice over. They’ve had their standard rounds swapped out as well. Any shots you take to a limb will make that extremity go completely numb. Take a hit in the head or torso though….

Shoots Pax in the chest. Pax slides out of his chair onto the floor in a puddle.

Total paralysis! Aside from breathing and blinking, you can’t do a damn thing. You can still breath and blink, right? Blink for yes, stare at me in wide-eyed horror for no.

Pax blinks.

Stupendous! Glad they got that fixed. Now, the best part, is that the effects last until you remove the gel from the bullets. I had the labcoats alter the gel to be extremely photosensitive to Ultraviolet light. A quick blast from one of these….

Pulls out a flashlight and shines a deep bluish-purple light over Pax shoulder and chest. The gel breaks down and runs off onto the floor.

Turns it into basic water. Now, Pax, you’re going to feel like your entire body has fallen asleep and is now waking up. Feels like you’ve got pins and needles all over, but it’s still better than being actually shot. Now get off my floor and take your seat. As I said, you all will be outfitted with Novocain rounds and Novocain knives. They’re rubber, but release the gel when the “blade” portion is pushed against another surface.

Now, the purpose of these toys, is for you lot to go out there, make complete fools of our security team, and show the board once and for all that the time to take drastic measures is before the drastic times come. Our motto isn’t “We do what we must, because we can” for no reason!

The war game starts at six, an hour after when most of the employees leave. Your task, aside from moping the floor with our security teams, is to retrieve as many flags as you can. We’ll have them located in mock high security areas of the building. Namely, the 4th Fl. Cafeteria, the mens room outside of the robotics bay, and my office. I’m counting on you to shame them. Make them beg me to alter their DNA. I want tears, gentlemen! Great big droplets of liquid remorse!

Pax, Rache and Ervill spend the early afternoon prepping themselves and meet back up outside of ChryoTech just before 6:00 pm. What follows is the hightlights reel of their exploits:

1) While attempting to enter the building covertly, Rache somehow manages to repaint the entire East side of ChryoTech into a 400ft mural of Baba Yaga. The mural proceeds to shrink down to life-size, and Baba Yaga’s shop appears from nowhere. The ancient witch proceeded to empty the embers from her pipe into Rache’s ear and informed him that she was not a woman to be trifled with.

2) With their Illusionist caught up with other matters, Pax and Ervill sought their own way into the building, and being the covert experts they are, swiped Pax’ keycard on an exterior door. The security team told Mr. Romanis to wait just a moment and someone would be there to get the door for him. While they wait, Rache turned up and offered to simply magic the door out of their way. Flubbing the job yet again, the door appears to be gone, but is still there in reality. Convinced things are all clear, Ervill tries to enter the building and slams face-first into the invisible door. Just as Ervill turns to chew out Rache, a squad of security personnel throws the door open and fire like mad at the guys. Fortunately for our trio, the guards are awful marksmen and are quickly dispatched.

3) Rache breaks off from the group, summons his minions (whom he has given all of his Novocain bullets to) and heads off for the Robotics Bay mensroom flag. Along the way, he has his minions duct tape their doctored knives onto the end of their rifles for some good ol’ fashioned bayoneting. Since ChryoTech has been serving everyone with the same doctored food, Rache has his minions poke everyone they come across, leaving a trail of paralyzed employees in their wake. Since Rache’s minions lack the amino esters necessary to let the Novocain rounds function, collecting the flag and disabling the security team in the mensroom is child’s-play.

4) Pax and Ervill hit s supply closet and nab a pair of Haz-Mat suits and proceed up to the 4th Floor Cafeteria. The 4th Floor is accounting, and it takes little work for the duo to whip the crowded eatery into a suitable panic. The security personnel rush the civies out the doors and down the stairs, sending everyone to the second floor where the “Decontamination Center” is located. Pax and Ervill then bark orders at the security guards, sending some out to search for others to warn and the rest down to the second floor. Nerves are running thin, though, and some of the guards crack under the strain. The flag is easily taken from one of the guards who is suffering from a laughing fit.

5) Rache and his minions storm Cid’s office with flashbangs followed immediately by Rache’s shroud ability. The sudden flash of light followed by utter darkness leaves the guards disorganized, and easy marks for the minions. Rache magics a hole in the outer wall of the building, and a second hole in the window of Cid’s office. Capturing the flag is again simple, and Rache throws himself out of Cid’s window, unsummons his minions, and proceeds to fly the 27 stories down to ground level on his wings of madness. Unfortunately, the minions weren’t done paralyzing all of the guards and about halfway down Rache remembers something terrible…. Hezrou had the flag from the mensroon, and it is now just sitting on the floor back in Cid’s office. Cursing, Rache hastened back to the office, but the flight back up took longer than he would have liked and sure enough, the flag is nowhere to be found. Rache summons Hezrou again, unleashes his bonds, and has his awakened spider demon use his sense of smell to track down the remaining guard and flag. They leave the poor fellow pinned against a wall in spider webbing in a stairwell.

Needless to say, Cid was elated, and the security personnel at ChryoTech will be getting overhauled on the molecular level.


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