Bear's Elemental Mayhem

Ice Elemental (1)

Winter is coming


Cid – "The Ice Elemental is going to be passing close enough to the Los Wegas peninsula that Pax’s presence should be all the lure you need to have him make landfall. If not, then we’ve got an armada of tugboats with whaling equipment ready to drag him to you. And don’t worry about the tugboat crews getting in your way. Everything that could be automated has been, and what crew was required is composed entirely of bots that have been modded out to survive being frozen solid or having to make the walk of shame across the ocean floor.

Now, going by the sort of devastation left in this things wake from the Jurai Isles last week, we’ve outfitted you lot with the finest cold weather gear that there is. Don’t expect it to matter much if this thing grabs you though. Now, gear up and head out. We’ve got a driver waiting for you down in Los Wegas and he’s not cheap."

Once the party finished their prep work, they used the teleporter for Los Wegas.

The slot machines have gone cold:

Los Wegas normally enjoys rather mild weather year round thanks to the Gulf of San Duskin to the west; however, this is not a normal day. As you step out of the teleporter a cold wind stings your eyes and you are shocked to see everyone bundled up in their thickest coats and furs. The Ice Elemental is still a couple hundred miles away, but the winds have announced his coming.

Rache and Ervill, as you exit the building, you see a familiar face woofing down some chili cheese fries. Your pal, Roderick Jones, stands beside his superbly distinct vehicle. He waves you over, scattering chili and fake cheese as he does so. Roderick’s outfit is heavily stained and he grins at you through food encrusted teeth. He’s about as wide as he is tall, and he’s wearing a too big duster over his floral shirt and jeans combo. Thick goggles perch atop his head, nearly hidden in the thick, tangled mess of dyed red hair. Dirt covers Roderick’s entire person except for where his goggles normally sit over his eyes.

Roderick – “Fellas! Wassup! So, you with the crazy tats must be the dude who’s gonna nuke Jack Frost. Nice to meetcha. Names Roderick Jones, and this here’s the misses”

Roderick points to the most gaudy and impractical looking rig you have ever laid eyes on. The vehicle is a tric (2 wheels in the front, one massive, 8ft beast in the back) with a trailer made out of the doors of a great many unfortunate cars. The tric is hot green with orange banners streaming from anything and everything that sticks out past the frame, and the trailer is an eye jarring assortment of whatever color the vehicles were in their past lives all mashed together.

Roderick – “I can see you’re impressed. Now, she ain’t all good looks and pretty paint, ya know. See, the trailer here may be covered in windows that let you look in, but there’s the trick. They don’t actually show you what’s inside the trailer! Here, have a gander.”

Moving up to the trailer, you look through the windows and for all you can tell, this man is crazy. You can see inside the trailer just fine and can even look out the other side when the windows match up. Sitting in there is going to be miserable.

Roderick – “Now for the cool part.”

He opens up a door with a hot green X on it, and you realize this man is actually quite crafty. The inside of the trailer is filled with plush furniture, a handful of flatscreens are mounted on the walls and a mini fridge sits towards the front.

Roderick – "The windows are actually screens and this whole rig is covered in tiny hidden cameras. It’s ok to be impressed. I’ve even got some screens on the inside so you fellas can look out. There’s food and beer in the fridge if you want. It’s not but an hour or so to the tip, but make yourselves at home.

You each find a place to sit and relax as much as you are able. Roderick jumps aboard his hog and starts hauling you out of the city and towards the coast. It won’t be long now….


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