Bear's Elemental Mayhem

Top Headlines from Around the World (1)

1) Lightning Strikes: There is another name to ascribe to the great list of those slain by the embodiment of nature’s wrath. Little Timmy Wrothburg succumbed to his wounds late last night. For those not following the story, Timmy was one of 53 people who were harmed during the Lightning Elemental’s assault on Falaran last Tuesday. Phone pictures sent in from the event can be found on our website (NSFW: gore, violence, dude-becomes-tree).

2) Girls Gone Home: Seven young ladies were rescued from a kidnapping ring based out of the Old Town section of Falaran late Wednesday evening. A member of a Mage Guild Hunter Squad followed a hunch that ended with the kind of heroics we have come to expect and love from our Hunters. The leader of the elite four man team, Dr. Henry Jeckyll, told reporters “I’m just glad that we were able to put a stop to things before anyone was hurt. Y’know, aside from the kidnappers.”

3) A Moment of Silence: The Minister of the Mage Guild gave a touching ceremony and ordered a moment of silence to honor those who perished in the terrorist attack against the Embassy in Gor’Rahm. The Minister assured the grieving that their loved ones would never be forgotten and that Jacob Harmon would be brought to justice. The Embassy is expected to reopen in six months with a new wing dedicated to the deceased. FYI, the exterior of the new Embassy will not be made entirely from glass.

4) Glacier Ahoy: As spring returns to the southern hemisphere and fall to the north, the world braces itself to see which path the Ice Elemental will take this year in it’s bi-annual trek for a new winter home. For those of you who failed geography, the Ice Elemental relocates to whichever pole is soon to be experiencing winter by riding a giant glacier straight through anything in its path. All commercial fishers and boat enthusiasts will need to keep track of the frozen behemoth’s whereabouts in order to ensure their safety.

5) Come Fly the Friendly Skies: ChryoTech has announced that the Air Elemental is no longer a threat, thanks to their newly patented airplane designs. Cid Lufiane, Chief of Engineering, claims that their planes are the only ones in the world that are able to slip through the airstream undetected. The company is as tight-lipped as ever about their secrets, but we can tell you that not a single one of the planes at the ChryoTech Air Show was harmed in any way. Airports from around the world are dusting off their counters in anticipation for next months official Sky Launch.


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