Bear's Elemental Mayhem

Top Headlines from Around the World (5)

1) ChryoTakeover: For any of you now aware of the outcome of the Aerial Ballet, the Rodney & Flecks planes all went down in flames and ChryoTech soared like a dream. The Air Elemental made for a very flashy dispatching of anything airborne and lacking whatever voodoo CT is packing under the hood. Despite the chaos, authorities were able to keep panic to a minimum and only two people died as a result of the Elemental’s outburst.

2) Fight Fire with Fire: Another shard of delectable information shared with the world at the Aerial Ballet, was ChryoTech’s heroic Outsider. This super hero and his larger than life brute squad single handedly harried the enraged Elemental from the airshow. This paragon of science and magic harnesses the powers of his defeated Elemental foes and uses their strength to protect humanity. According to the company’s spokesman, Cid Lufaine, the Outsider has but four foes left to conquer, being the elements of Air, Water, Lightning and Ice. Cid has declared that the Ice Elemental will never reach its winter home at the North Pole, and that this will be the last time anyone need fear the shifting of seasons.

3) How It Works: On this segment of How It Works, we will be discussing why the CT planes were overlooked and the R&F planes were swatted out of the sky. It’s all thanks to turbulence. While CT was not willing to explain the actual mechanics, the theory behind their Elemental avoidance technology is based on the principal that the Air Elemental has only ever attacked flying objects which do not occur naturally. Jetbikes and flying cars are safe to fly, but only if you stay close to cities and other large structures, in the same way that bees buzz around their hive. Likewise, no birds have ever been targeted by the Elemental. With this in mind, CT developed a means of dispersing the air disturbance created by a plane in flight from a large one to a lot of little ones. The Air Elemental no longer senses the windy wake of a flying 747, but rather sees a sizable flock of birds. The dispersements are made at fairly random intervals ranging from 10 to 1000 yards away from the plane. It would be like taking all the pieces of a puzzle, scattering them across a crushball field, and then trying to see what the picture was supposed to be.


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