Bear's Elemental Mayhem

Top Headlines from Around the World (6)

1. BBQ Mayhem – Tragedy struck in the Mayfield district of Falaran yesterday afternoon when a suburban family’s attempt at fried turkey turned into a bonfire. The grease fire quickly grew out of control and within a matter of minutes the home was a raging inferno. The young couple who live at the now ashen estate managed to escape along with their son, but not all of their party guests were as fortunate. Neither were the neighboring homes, the asthmatic kid from down the street or the herd of alpaca formerly thriving under the watchful eye of Ms. Farroday. All in all, unless you enjoy charcoal or smokey alpaca fur, it was kind of a rough day.

2. Status Quo? – Three weeks till President Eamon Horadric’s state of the union address for the Mage Guild and things are not looking good. The Guild’s embassy in Muldaine is still being pieced back together from the terrorist assault that ravaged it two months ago. Public enemy No. 1, that’s Jacob Harmon for those of you who live under a stone, has been gallivanting around the globe wreaking havoc for over half a year without impediment. Incidents of Mage Hunters abusing their status is at an all time high. Worst of all, the man can’t dress himself. Pointed shoes. Really? In this day and age….

3. Capt. Cold Snap – The Jurai Isles are starting to thaw after last week’s brush with frozen ferocity. All of you poor souls who had to evacuate should be able to return to your homes before the weekend.The abominable snow beast is at the equator and his glacial gondola is showing no signs of stopping. At this rate, it shouldn’t be but about another week or so before Icey skims the Los Wegas peninsula. For those of you struggling with gambling addictions, now would be a great time to buy a coat or five. That is, unless Mr. Romanis steps in first. We’re all waiting Pax.


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